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GRAU Technic Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of products for Concrete Production, Aggregate Processing and Recycling Sectors. The product range includes Concrete Batching Plants, Crushing & Screening Plants and Equipment, Concrete Mixers, Products for Precast Manufacturing, Automation Systems, Cement Silos, Sand Washing Systems and related Construction Equipment such as Concrete Pumps, Concrete Pipelines, Concrete Placing Booms and Weighbridges.


Our dynamic and result-oriented team with over 75 years of combined industry experience will make sure our customers are getting the right solution for their needs, within their budget. Our customers trust us as we are a one-stop shop reliable manufacturer and supplier who gets the job done.



GRAU Technic Ltd has been established by a dynamic and result-oriented team of professionals with great experience in Concrete Production, Aggregate Processing and Recycling Equipment.



We manufacture and supply a wide range of products for Concrete Production, Aggregate Processing and Recycling Sectors, and operate a wide supply network to ensure that quality products are available to our customers hassle-free.


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  • You will work with a trusted and highly experienced team in the industry.
  • We work only with proven suppliers which provide high quality certified products.
  • You can feel good about doing business with us - we take our responsibilities seriously.
  • You get an active competitive advantage as our products are cost-effective and reliable.
  • Our team is well-trained, and we regularly improve their skills.
  • We constantly improve our products and services, analysing modern industry trends.
  • Sustainability, transparency, and honesty are our core business values.
  • All our colleagues share our passion to deliver excellence in everything we do.
  • 200+happy clients
  • 4languages
  • 10+years experience
  • 300+shipments
  • Our Values
    Our Values

    Prior to the establishment of GRAU, our partners and collaborative associates consistently lauded our unparalleled depth of industry knowledge, unwavering commitment to transparency, and a steadfast dedication to honesty across all aspects of our operations. These attributes have since evolved into the foundational pillars of our business values. Today, our customers find solace in engaging with us, secure in the knowledge that we approach our responsibilities seriously and with great integrity.


    Central to our operational ethos is the focus on forging long-term business partnerships. We uphold a commitment to consistently deliver products of the highest quality and provide services that go above and beyond expectations. This commitment is not merely a business strategy but a reflection of our deep-rooted belief in creating sustainable value for our clientele.


    In navigating the complex landscape of customer needs, we have honed our approach to provide more than just products and services. Our emphasis lies in offering comprehensive solutions that not only address immediate queries or issues but also contribute to the overall optimization of our customers' businesses. With concise, timely, and thorough procedures, we aim to alleviate the burden of our customers in seeking answers, allowing them to redirect their focus toward their core business objectives and enhancing their profitability.

  • Our Mission

    We focus on creating value for our customers by building long-term business partnerships and providing clients with a high-quality service and consistent product quality. We give our clients a competitive advantage in their specific market and business area with our innovative products and innovative solutions.


    In essence, our commitment to industry knowledge, transparency, honesty, and customer-centric solutions serves as a testament to our dedication to excellence. As we continue to evolve, these principles remain steadfast, guiding our interactions with partners and customers alike.


    • Our values help us make the best decisions, stand out for all the right reasons and always strive to be better in all we do.
    • Trust, respect, openness and honesty are our primary values in all our business relationships with suppliers and customers.
    • We help our customers to be more successful in their business, constantly adapting to their needs.
    • We deploy our best people to speed up any job and make it more efficient.
    • Our strategies position the company for future growth, based on the current and forecast trends of the industries in which we operate.
    Our Mission