Introducing GRAU Portable Wash Plants: Revolutionizing On-the-Go Sand Processing Solutions. Designed for versatility and efficiency, GRAU Portable Wash Plants redefine convenience in aggregate processing and recycling. Whether on remote construction sites or in urban environments, these compact yet powerful plants deliver unmatched performance. Featuring robust construction and cutting-edge technology, our Portable Wash Plants are engineered to withstand the rigors of demanding environments while ensuring superior cleaning results. From removing impurities in aggregates to reclaiming water for reuse, these plants optimize efficiency and minimize waste.



Introducing GRAU Portable Wash Plants, adaptable solutions crafted for effective sand washing and processing across various environments. Engineered to cater to a wide range of needs, our portable wash plants offer flexibility and ease, whether deployed on temporary work sites or as part of integrated operations. Each unit can be personalized to incorporate essential features like a feeding bin, wash screen, crusher, and fine washer, ensuring comprehensive sand washing capabilities.


Moreover, our portable wash plants are designed with mobility in mind, enabling seamless transportation between different locations. With easy setup and quick installation, they offer unparalleled convenience, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Whether you need to relocate your operations frequently or require on-the-go solutions, GRAU's portable wash plants provide the flexibility and efficiency you need.


Furthermore, our alternative sand plant option, complete with a dewatering screen and hydrocyclone, enhances functionality, ensuring optimal sand processing and water management even in challenging conditions. Count on GRAU's expertise to deliver tailored portable wash plant solutions, guaranteeing superior performance, reliability, and ease of use every time.




  • Robust Wheelbase: Each main unit of our Portable Wash Plants is designed with individual wheelbases, allowing for easy transportation and swift installation.
  • Compact Design: Our portable wash plants are engineered to be compact, with all main components pre-installed and factory-tested, ensuring efficiency and simplicity on-site.
  • Cost Efficiency: With lower foundation costs, our mobile wash plants require minimal groundwork. Their mobile frames are specifically designed for installation on flat surfaces, reducing civil works and associated expenses.
  • Enhanced Performance: Our integrated designs eliminate retrofitting issues, ensuring optimal performance as all plant components are engineered to work seamlessly together.
  • Versatile Solutions: GRAU Portable Washing Plants offer an ideal solution for temporary work sites, providing efficient material processing in diverse settings.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Whether you need complete installations or individual units, our wash plants can be customized to function independently or seamlessly integrate into existing setups.
  • Customizable Units: Each unit can be tailored to include essential components such as a feeding bin, a wash screen, a crusher, and a fine washer, ensuring optimal performance based on your specific requirements.
  • Enhanced Functionality: We offer an alternative sand plant option with a dewatering screen and hydrocyclone, enabling enhanced sand processing and water management capabilities.
  • Transportation Ease: The versatility of our wash plants enables easy transportation between sites, eliminating retrofitting issues and enhancing overall performance in temporary work environments.
  • Seamless Integration: Our plant designs ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality, as all components are engineered to work together harmoniously, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Reliability: GRAU prioritizes durability and reliability, providing you with dependable equipment that delivers consistent performance in diverse temporary work environments.
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    Portable Wash Plants
    Introducing GRAU Portable Wash Plants, versatile solutions for efficient material processing in various conditions. Our portable wash plants are designed to meet diverse needs, offering flexibility and convenience on temporary work sites or integrated operations. Each unit can be customised to include essential components such as a feeding bin, a wash screen, a crusher, and a fine washer. Moreover, for enhanced functionality, we offer an alternative sand plant option with a dewatering screen and hydrocyclone, ensuring optimal sand processing and water management. Trust GRAU's expertise to provide comprehensive portable wash plant solutions tailored to your specific requirements, delivering superior performance and reliability every time.
  • Exceptional Dewatering Screens
    Effective sand washing is very important for enhancing the quality of construction materials where quality sand is required. GRAU portable wash plants feature high-quality dewatering screens equipped with wear-resistant polyurethane screen mesh, ensuring efficient drying effect and achieving superior sand quality. Designed with durability in mind, our portable wash plants are equipped with durable helicoidal springs, providing reliable performance even in demanding conditions. Ease of access is prioritized and facilitates maintenance, ensuring continuous operation. Additionally, our portable wash plants can be offered with optional hydrocyclones and slurry pumps sourced from industry leader Weir Minerals, further enhancing sand washing efficiency and water management. With GRAU portable wash plants, you can trust in the high quality manufacturing standards which result in perfect sand quality and operational excellence.
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    Optional Hydraulic Lifting Pack
    The incorporation of a hydraulic lifting pack brings numerous benefits to GRAU's portable wash plants, revolutionizing their functionality and versatility. With this innovative feature, transportation becomes remarkably easier, allowing seamless movement between different locations. The hydraulic lifting pack facilitates quick installation, eliminating the need for cumbersome cranes and reducing setup time significantly. Its autonomous operation further streamlines the process, empowering operators to efficiently manage the plant without extensive manual intervention. Key benefits include: Ease of Transport: Effortlessly move the wash plant between sites, enhancing operational flexibility. Quick Installation: Rapidly deploy the plant for immediate use, saving valuable time and resources. No Crane Required: Eliminate the logistical challenges associated with crane deployment, reducing operational complexity. Autonomous Operation: Achieve greater operational efficiency with autonomous functionality, minimizing manual intervention and maximizing productivity. Incorporating a hydraulic lifting pack into GRAU's portable wash plants not only enhances convenience but also ensures seamless operations, empowering users to achieve optimal results with minimal effort.
  • GRAU Wash Screens
    GRAU Portable Wash Plants are equipped with high-performance GRAU Inclined Vibrating Screens which have been designed for reliability, durability, and effective washing. With a sturdy huck bolt design, they're built to last, ensuring long-term performance in tough conditions. Precision manufacturing guarantees consistent quality, while their effective washing characteristics ensure thorough cleaning and perfect material separation. GRAU inclined wash screens offer peace of mind, delivering reliable operation and exceptional results in material processing.
Robust Wheelbase
GRAU portable wash plants are equipped with robust wheelbases, ensuring stability and durability during transportation and operation. Designed to withstand rugged terrain and frequent movement, our wheelbases provide reliable support, allowing for seamless mobility between job sites. You can always rely on the strength and resilience of our portable wash plants, delivering consistent performance wherever you need them.
Hydraulic Pack for Swift Erection
Adding a hydraulic lifting pack to GRAU portable wash plants brings many benefits. It reduces the installation time and makes moving them between sites easier and quicker. You don't need a crane to set them up, so it's less complicated. Plus, they can run mostly on their own, saving time and effort. The key benefits are: Easy to Move: Transport the wash plant easily between locations, making operations more flexible. Quick Setup: Set up the plant fast for immediate use, saving time and resources. No Need for a Crane: Skip the hassle of using a crane, making operations simpler. Runs Mostly on its Own: Operate the plant with minimal manual input, boosting productivity.
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