GRAU offers a range of portable and mobile crushers, screens, and portable wash plants designed for crushing and screening applications in temporary work sites. Our emphasis on robust mobile wheelbases ensures seamless transportation between locations, increasing the flexibility and efficiency for construction and mining industries. GRAU's solutions allow for on-site material processing, reducing logistical challenges and saving time and costs. With durable and reliable equipment, GRAU enables customers to achieve efficient operations in various temporary work environments.



GRAU Mobile Crushing, Screening & Washing Plants offer an ideal solution for temporary work sites. Whether you need complete installations or individual units, we can customise them to function independently or seamlessly integrate into existing setups. This versatility enables easy transportation between sites and eliminates retrofitting issues, enhancing overall performance. Our plant designs ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality, as all components are engineered to work together harmoniously.




  • Wheelbase Flexibility: Each main unit of our Portable Crushing & Screening Plant is designed with individual wheelbases, allowing for easy transportation and swift installation.
  • Compact Design: Our portable crushing plants are engineered to be compact, with all main components pre-installed and factory-tested, ensuring efficiency and simplicity on-site.
  • Cost Efficiency: With lower foundation costs, our mobile units require minimal groundwork. Their mobile frames are specifically designed for installation on flat surfaces, reducing civil works and associated expenses.
  • Enhanced Performance: Our integrated designs eliminate retrofitting issues, ensuring optimal performance as all plant components are engineered to work seamlessly together.
  • Versatile Use: Our Mobile Crushing & Screening Plants can function as standalone units or be seamlessly integrated into existing installations, offering flexibility for various project requirements.
  • Reliability: GRAU prioritises durability and reliability, providing you with dependable equipment that delivers consistent performance in diverse temporary work environments.
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    Mobile Primary Crushing Units
    GRAU Mobile Primary Crushing Plants provide a comprehensive primary section featuring a Feeding Bin, Feeder, Grizzly Screen/Scalper, Primary Jaw Crusher or Primary Impact Crusher, and bypass/discharge conveyor, all installed on a mobile wheelbase. These units are versatile, serving as stand-alone installations on temporary work sites or seamlessly retrofitted into existing crushing and screening plants. This adaptability ensures efficient operation and facilitates easy transportation between sites, offering flexibility to suit various project requirements.
  • Portable Wash Plants
    Introducing GRAU's Portable Wash Plants, versatile solutions for efficient material processing in various settings. Our portable wash plants are designed to meet diverse needs, offering flexibility and convenience on temporary work sites or integrated operations. Each unit can be customised to include essential components such as a feeding bin, a wash screen, a crusher, and a fine washer. Moreover, for enhanced functionality, we offer an alternative sand plant option with a dewatering screen and hydrocyclone, ensuring optimal sand processing and water management. Trust GRAU's expertise to provide comprehensive portable wash plant solutions tailored to your specific requirements, delivering superior performance and reliability every time.
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    Portable Screening Plants
    GRAU Portable Screening Plants feature high-quality Inclined Vibrating Screens mounted on a mobile wheelbase, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. These units are designed as complete systems capable of autonomous operation without requiring operator intervention. Alternatively, they can seamlessly integrate into existing installations, providing versatility and adaptability to suit different project needs. With GRAU's Mobile Screening Plants, you can expect reliable and efficient screening capabilities for your temporary work sites or integrated operations.
  • Complete Solutions
    If you're seeking a comprehensive Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant solution, look no further. At GRAU, our engineers specialize in designing tailor-made solutions that precisely meet your site requirements and exceed expectations. Whether you need a standalone unit or integration into an existing setup, our expertise ensures seamless operation and maximum efficiency for your project needs. Trust GRAU to deliver a bespoke solution that's perfectly suited to your mobile crushing and screening requirements.
Minimum Foundation Required
GRAU Mobile Crushing & Screening Plants are engineered to minimize foundation work, thanks to their specially designed mobile frames that can be installed directly on a flat surface. This reduces the need for extensive civil works, saving time and costs on site preparation. Additionally, the wide bases of the legs distribute the load evenly, further minimizing the impact on the ground surface. Trust GRAU's innovative design to streamline installation processes and ensure efficient operation of your mobile plants with minimal foundation requirements.
Easy and Convenient Transport
All main units of our Mobile Crushing & Screening Plants are preinstalled on individual wheelbases, ensuring convenience and efficiency from transportation to installation. This design feature streamlines the process, making it easier to transport the units between sites and accelerating the setup process. With preinstalled units on wheelbases, GRAU ensures that your mobile plant is ready for operation quickly and seamlessly, saving you time and resources on site. Trust GRAU's commitment to innovation and efficiency for your mobile crushing and screening needs.
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