Setting up concrete production has never been so easy. Meet our line of reliable quick-erect Mobile Concrete Plants specifically designed for fast deployment and relocation between temporary construction sites.




GRAU Mobile Concrete Plants have been designed for quick deployment to construction sites. Our unique steel structure minimises the transport costs and reduces the installation time on sites. Modular elements and mobile cement silos allow for quick installation with minimum lifting equipment and civil works required. All the components have been factory plumbed and tested for immediate production on site.



Many companies prefer mobile concrete plant solutions for temporary construction sites as installing and relocating a concrete production facility after a project has been completed is not an easy job. Keeping that in mind, we have developed our quick-erect mobile concrete plant product line to make sure our customers get the necessary flexibility while saving a lot of time.

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    UP TO 120 m³/h
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  • grau-g-100m-concrete-plant
    Move Your Plant in Days
    GRAU Mobile Concrete Plant will give you the flexibility you need. Our range of mobile concrete plants will allow you to disassemble, move the plant to a new site and set up concrete production in a matter of days! We offer a unique design with folding aggregate bin walls and service platforms, which speed up the installation. All other components can be transported on the main chassis without the need to additional trucks.
  • Robust Wheelbase
    GRAU Mobile Concrete Plants can be transported many times during their lifetime. Our robust wheelbase can sustain multiple relocations on rough site terrain for many years ahead. The wheelbase is equipped with air brakes, that can be easily connected to the truck’s braking system, and ABS (Antilock Brake System) that prevents the wheels from locking during braking and skidding.
  • grau-g100m-independent-weighing-hopper
    Unique Independent Weighing Hopper
    The aggregate bins on GRAU Mobile Concrete Plants are equipped with independent aggregate weigh hopper, while other manufacturers weigh on the transfer belt itself. This setup allows for the next batch to start while the material is still on the transfer belt. It results in higher production capacity.
  • Mini Mobile Solutions
    Some projects require very low amounts of concrete and yet it is not easy to deliver concrete from other suppliers. We offer a cost-effective solution for such requirements. Discover our mini mobile solutions for on-site concrete production. Mini does not mean small and with up to 1 m³ capacity concrete mixers, these little machines can reach significant practical capacity of up to 45 m³/h.
Small Footprint
GRAU Mobile Concrete Plants are very compact and require little space to operate. Mobile pre-feeding system eliminates the need for a long and costly ramp, which comes with high civils costs.
Robust Chassis
GRAU Mobile Concrete Plants have been designed for longevity and reliability. The steel structure is heavy and well-built for safe transportation and long-term operation.
Features and Options
Improved Safety
  • STI Safety Locks on Maintenance Doors are Standard
    STI Safety Locks on Maintenance Doors are Standard
    All GRAU Concrete Mixers are equipped with STI Safety Locks. The operator can not open the mixer maintenance door without cutting off the main power and removing the key from the control cabinet. It provides a much better safety control for your personnel.
Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to Service and Maintain
    Easy to Service and Maintain
    All GRAU Mobile concrete plants are equipped with wide service platforms, walkways with handrails along the aggregate transfer belts and conveyor belt claddings to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Mini Mobile - G30M

    Mini Mobile - G30M

    Small Footprint 30-45 m3/h On-Site Optional Concrete Belt Economical Towable Trailer
  • Standard Mobile - G60M/G100M

    Standard Mobile - G60M/G100M

    Small Footprint 60-100 m³/h Optional Feeding System On-Site High Capacity High Performance
  • Pro Mobile - G120M

    Pro Mobile - G120M

    Larger Footprint 100-120 m³/h Separate Aggregate Bins High Capacity High Performance Mass Production

Theoretical Output

Compacted Mixed Concrete

30 m³/h 60 m³/h 100 m³/h 120 m³/h
Mixer Type Planetary, Singleshaft Single/Twin Shaft, Planetary Twinshaft Twinshaft
Mixer Capacity 0.5 m³ 1.0 m³ 2.0 m³ 3.0 m³
Cement Weighing Bin 300 kg 600 kg 1000 kg 1500 kg
Water Weighing Bin 300 kg 300 kg 750 kg 750 kg
Additive Weighing Win 20 kg 20 kg 20-50 kg 20-50 kg
Maximum number of aggregate bins 4 4 4-6 4-6
Maximum capacity of each aggregate bin 6 m³ 10 m³ 15 m³ 30 m³
Total capacity of the aggregate bins 16 m³ 40 m³ 60 m³ 120 m³
Total Power 47 kW 65 kW 105-110 kW 195-200 kW


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